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 Authorised Distributors

Successful companies need reliable partners and a strong network. In order to satisfy our own high demands with respect to quality and service, we rely on the competence of distributors.


Duesberg glove authorized Distributors are top-level distribution partners whose business model and size qualify them for a direct contractual relationship with the Duesberg licencee. Our distributors sell Duesberg gloves with verified authenticity and quality. We engage in a high level of business, sales, and marketing activities with our distributors.

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VALIDATION of official represenatives of Duesberg gloves:

Unfortunately, there are people & companies that claim to be representatives of Duesberg. To protect you from a sham business you can always verify our official distributors and sales representatives.


Our distributors and their sales representatives are individually registered with their name, birth date and equipped with an official verification number.

We have no relationship with the following companies or individuals:


- French Rose 20 (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

- SAVA International Group Turkey

- SEE Group Italy

 - FB Business CO.,LTD Thailand


- Raeez Fredericks

- Nishen Govender

- Sam Tromans

Image by Markus Winkler
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