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About Duesberg Gloves

Chemical Resistant EN ISO 374-1:2016

Protection Against Viruses ISO 374-5:2016

Duesberg only works with factories and distributors that have the same work ethics and share the same mindset. The Duesberg Gloves conform to International, American and European standards. Only high quality and reliable products and services deserve to carry the brand "Duesberg".  


The Duesberg Nitrile Blue medical examination gloves are high performing 4 mil thick, powder-free blue coloured ambidextrous gloves that are chemical resistant according to EN-374 and are intended for use in the medical field according to EN-455. 

About Duesberg

Protective against dangerous chemicals & microorganisms

These gloves are 100% Nitrile (Acrynoite) and are designed to provide an excellent biological barrier and good resistance to bacteria, fungi, viruses & a variety of chemicals found in typical medical and industrial environments.

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It is recommended to check that the gloves are suitable for the intended use because the conditions at the workplace may differ from the type of test, depending on the temperature, abrasion and degradation.

When used, protective gloves may provide less resistance to the dangerous chemical due to changes in physical properties. Movements, snagging, rubbing & degradation caused by chemical contact etc may reduce the actual use time significantly.

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Technical data and specifications can vary according to factory specifications.

For corrosive chemicals, degradation can be the most important factor to consider in the selection of chemical resistant gloves.

The range of chemicals tested and Type (A/B/C) under EN ISO 374-1@2016 may vary for this product in different markets. For further information on chemical resistance, please contact us.

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Certifications can be viewed upon signing of contracts and agreements.

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Our network of capable factories are located in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. Duesberg is only produced in locations where the Duesberg high-quality standards in product quality, production processes and reliability are fulfilled without any compromise.

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